sabato 12 aprile 2014


Hi, my firts rc car in 1988 was a beautiful tokyo marui "The Samurai", i've spent much time tryng to restore it, much work is still to do but now it looks amazing again:

domenica 3 marzo 2013

summertime .........410 V3

 a pair of pics of my brand new v3 DEX410.....summertime is coming soon :-)

the shell theme is inspired from motogo seiki DMX410 reference body......

mercoledì 26 dicembre 2012

tires and wheels....

updated tires and wheels for my Super Gt 

martedì 18 dicembre 2012

mercoledì 12 dicembre 2012


My favourite Super Gt car....
work in progress .....

domenica 9 dicembre 2012

Jingle Bells......look at my Chained Wheels

Just finished and tested  new snow chains for my Axial Ugly Boy!!!!

Video on Vimeo:


domenica 25 novembre 2012


My last work, a pink Mazda 6 speed .....

domenica 18 novembre 2012

Go Mod....... Reventon pro !!

My new setup for mod class:

mercoledì 17 ottobre 2012

New 10.5T Boosted sedan

Yoko BD5 with prostock 2.1 esc and HW 10.5T motor