martedì 31 marzo 2009

Thanks Masami...

After some rumors on the net, the "legend" of rc racing Masami Hirosaka has announced his retirement from the race events........

Good luck to Masami for his  work as team manager of the new yokomo team project and developer of new products.......

sabato 28 marzo 2009

Shock Towers....update

I've received first shock towers....very cool machined and super stiff carbon fiber......a "must have"


giovedì 26 marzo 2009

martedì 24 marzo 2009

Shane's mods!!!

Cool BD mods by new zealand driver Shane....the most are on the front :
team corally bones on rayspeed axles
titanium racing front spool modded with cutted slaves and yokomo alu retainer ring 
chattering free cvd 
direct steering with long turnbuckles

thanks to shane for sharing this mods....i 'll adopt them on my bd!!

BD5 new officil pics

Hi to all
team yokomo has published new official pics of BD5

lunedì 23 marzo 2009

Shock towers...harder and lower

These new shock towers are disigned for foam tires, the shock mounting holes are lowered by 2mm....i've planned to make them from hard 4mm carbon fiber to have the best stiffness .

avaible soon ...if interested please drop me an email to :

lunedì 16 marzo 2009

Basic foams setup sheet

This is only the starting point for the test i've made yesterday on the new 3mm chassis....

on shock building :
i've used black diafram on top of the shock, without orings or foam pieces to have zero rebound .
have used 37 foams front and rear , trinity tire tweak on the rears
very short tecnical track so geared the 4.5T 85-18
front anti roll bar : copper 1.5mm?
rear anti roll bar: 1mm ....also tried no roll bar front and rear and the car was still good
front suspension spacers on front are 4mm (not 3...)
LRP TC spec setted on 4° race program (soft...) 
timing on motor 0°

lipo foam's spec lower deck ...first impressions

Chasiss has has very sharp and clear edges , good carbon fibre.....thanks to fibre lyte uk for the nice work.

i've made some balancing holes on the chassis for better add weight on the car....also have made a lexan lipo retainer ......the car is well balanced with "only" 40g of Pb as you can see from the last picture it stays on two screws firmly......

First track test was really good!!! the car is awesome to drive, better turning stability and very reactive.......i've tried 37 shore foams both front and rear , with trinity tire tweak only on the rear tires.

I was really impressed by the fastest lap time i 've to work on setup to make it better.

soon i'll post my foam's setup here.

Milled motor mount !!

Easy balancing 

mercoledì 11 marzo 2009

blue is better!!!!!

color pic of the yokomo BD5 

martedì 3 marzo 2009

World economic crisis? make it cheaper :-D

This is a 5 cent lipo retainer for my SDW car.....very cheap and very easy to make from 0.8mm thick lexan sheet....i've used a light machine and a cutter to make it....

Some lipo retainers will add stiffness to the chassis...this one doesn't change original chassis stiffness, so i would prefer it to the carbon fiber one.

on yoko BD looks very clean: