lunedì 16 marzo 2009

lipo foam's spec lower deck ...first impressions

Chasiss has has very sharp and clear edges , good carbon fibre.....thanks to fibre lyte uk for the nice work.

i've made some balancing holes on the chassis for better add weight on the car....also have made a lexan lipo retainer ......the car is well balanced with "only" 40g of Pb as you can see from the last picture it stays on two screws firmly......

First track test was really good!!! the car is awesome to drive, better turning stability and very reactive.......i've tried 37 shore foams both front and rear , with trinity tire tweak only on the rear tires.

I was really impressed by the fastest lap time i 've to work on setup to make it better.

soon i'll post my foam's setup here.

Milled motor mount !!

Easy balancing 

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  1. Great website and a very very nice car!
    Greetings Vic - RcTouring.EU

  2. hi Vic
    thanks very much....

    i usually click on your website....very nice too!! i'll add on my links!