mercoledì 17 dicembre 2008

Yokomo SDW custom carpet chassis

Hi there, this project was made by me last year.
Yokomo SDW car is a special chassis made by yokomo in very limited quantity (only 555 kits was realesed worldwide) .
The car was designed for tarmac/asfalt or low grip surface racing with rubber tires.
I found this car very nice to drive but using foams it need some stiffness.
Thanks to my friend Alex ( apaint design artist) i have had a 4mm carbon sheet so i've made a CAD drawing of the new chassis.......the next step was to find someone with a milling CNC machine....after long research i found a nice guy (Pietro) that cutted my sheet in awesome way.....

Tech detail:
Yokomo SDW car 555 kits limited edition
Chassis made from 4mm hi grade carbon fiber milled on CNC machine
Steering modified with Xray cups for no slop and smooth action
some hop-up such as:
EXCEL delrin differential,ceramic balls, Titanium Nitride shock shaft, Ergal shaft cups,TIR front drivshaft, Suzuki alloy front knuckle.....ENJOY:


you can download for free the DXF drawing here

NOTE:it has the same holes of the LCG and SD touring car, but i've not tried to fit on these cars.

2 commenti:

  1. Another wonderful car, fantastic the Yokomo BD pics posted in Picasa. Is Masami's BD car?


  2. The picasa BD is my personal full optionals car....later i'll post more info about it....
    Grazie !!