sabato 14 febbraio 2009

Lipo chassis.....why not?

I'm working on a new design lipo spec chassis.
The project is based on a symmetrical drawing to alow same stiffnes on both side......more details very soon.....stay tuned:

Different Materials lipo holder for better balance Left-Right

For better balancing weights left/right side and front /rear i'm thinking to adopt a modulae brass lipo brackets:

Balncing test made using 3Dsmax Reactor :
45g lipo rear bracket and 12g on front seems to be a good starting point to have a nice balance.

Final revision: the rear lipo bracket could take some fixed weights to alow a fully , simple, balancing the cahssis has 4 additional holes on the both longitudinal and crossing axes to make fine balancing adjustments.
Soon avaible at Fibre Lyte Composites..

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  1. grande cap, di sto passo la yokomo ti mandera a chiamare per fare la nuova yokomo